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For those who want to be entertained, but also seek to dig deeper into the world we live in.


Ready for a shift in understanding?

Welcome to the world of paradigm shifts.

Welcome to my world!

A paradigm shift is something that allows us not only to see the cracks in the system, but actually come to realize that the core itself of the systems that make up our world are but an illusion.


Or perhaps not an illusion, but a lie.


A lie so great it stretches beyond our perceptive horizon.


A horizon that, paradoxically, lies within ourselves.


Paradigm shifts basically make us realize that a deeper truth exists, and sometimes this deeper truth unravels our current view of the world shaking us to the core.


At other times, the view of the world that has been put into question is of such magnitude and importance to us, as individuals and as a society, that the very fabric that holds us all together could be torn to shreds.


And the closer to home, the more it will hurt us to admit that what we thought was true—or perfectly logical—was never in fact so.


Or not for the reasons we believed in.


The paradigms that I question and will be questioning in my new series of thrillers—Paradigm Shift Thrillers—are huge. Some might be easy to accept, others though, will most likely be seen as mere fiction, a figment of my imagination, nothing to do with the world at large or each reader in particular … a view you might choose to have for your own emotional protection.


However, deep inside, we all know that something isn't right with the world.


What is it, though, exactly, that isn't right?


And how is it not right?


And what can be done about it?


The first step is to come to recognize the fact that certain beliefs—certain aspects of what we see as being "true"— might actually have a completely different connotation if we shift our angle of perception.

If we engage in a paradigm shift.


This, sometimes, is enough to take us down a rabbit hole from which we will return changed, perhaps even scarred, but hopefully much wiser.


I hope you enjoy the ride, for once you face the biggest lies of all, once you're willing to take the proverbial bull by the horns and question what you might perhaps hold most dear, there is little to lose and a lot to gain.


You can also choose to read these novels as mere fiction.


Which they are.


Sort of.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.