Elementary School:


"Escuela Domingo Sabio," Cayambe, Ecuador.


"Colegio Alemán," Quito, Ecuador.


High School:


"Colegio Alemán," Quito, Ecuador.


"Colegio Ecuatoriano-Suizo," Quito, Ecuador.




Through the GED (General Education Development) CERTIFICATE in Virginia, U.S.A.


Higher Education:


Lord Fairfax Community College, Virginia.

Major: English.



NOVA College, Virginia.

Major: Computer Science.  Switched to Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Sociology, Photography and Creative Writing.



Spanish, English, German.




Open ocean and coastal sailing, navigation, piloting, radar operation, general boat maintenance and preparation; aboard S/V's "Pácata" and "Kayelynne."  Hands-on experience with over 14,000 miles of sailing under all weather conditions in the South Pacific and the Coral Sea (South America to Galápagos, Marquesas, Tuamotos, Society Islands Tahiti-, Australia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fidji, New Zealand).  Top-sail square-rigged sailing experience aboard S/V "Fridtjof Nansen", Baltic Sea, North Sea, and across the Atlantic Ocean.


April 1989:

SCUBA Diver, Open Water License # AUQ38679 issued by NAUI Australia in Gizo, Solomon Islands.




April 2011- July 2011:

Book translation: De-Mythifying Money; under contract with The Pachamama Alliance.


Sept. 2010-March 2011:

Research on monetary taxonomy for The Pachamama Alliance (Ecuador), to deliver in book form, Spanish original. Book title: El dinero o la vida, guía práctica para la alquimia monetaria.


April 2010-Sept. 2010:

Consultant for the Central Bank of Ecuador: Project FactoRepo, marketing and personnel training.


Feb. 2009-Dec. 2010:

Script, director and co-producer of documentary Yasuni: Two Seconds of Life. World-wide distribution by filmdelights ( Webpage: Film won the Merit Award for Awareness, May 8, 2011. Los Angeles Awareness film festival.


Feb. 2004-2010

Over 41 scripts produced for TV: spots, institutional videos, documentaries.



President and co-founder of Logichem Solutions S.A., Quito Ecuador. Company for the importation, distribution and sale of 100% biodegradable biochemicals for various applications in the oil industry, metal industry, household, bioremediation, as well as other ortho-hydrogen/para-hydrogen technologies for the reduction of emissions of internal combustion engines as well as its use in welding and cutting for the metallurgical industry; R&D for algae-biodiesel vats, representing GoHydro (Oregon, USA), Safe Solid Solutions (Utah, USA), BonChem (Louisiana, USA). Strategic Alliances with: Ambient Energy, Australia; EnEco, Canada; EcuaPet, Ecuador. Project proposal phase for Solid Waste Management to turn Municipal Waste into Electricity or Ethanol in various of Ecuadors cities. Currently preparing for setting up a bottled-water facility for structured water.


2007-Feb 2009:

President and co-founder of Biocentricsol Cía. Ltda. (RUC: 1792092809001) Quito, Ecuador. Company for the importation, distribution and sale of 100% biodegradable biochemicals for various applications in the oil industry, metal industry, bioremediation, representing Specialist Process Technologies, Bv. from Houston, Texas and RegenOsphere LLC from Highland, Utah.



Scriptwriter, corporate image consultant, marketing consultant, translator for technical manuals, for TOYOTA, Ecuador.



Scriptwriter for various production companies for corporate and institutional videos, TV spots, translations (English-Spanish/Spanish-English). Ecuador.



Design and construction of 4 wooden houses at the León Dormido Project of the Fundación Educativa Pestalozzi, based on the DYMAXION structure (Dynamic Maximum Tension Unit) developed by Eng. Buckminster Fuller. Quito, Ecuador.



Coordinator (one of two) at the Red Autodidacta (R.A.), the Autodidactic University of the Fundación Educativa Pestalozzi. Quito, Ecuador.



Design and construction of a private wooden house, as well as a Descartes-shaped building with an 9 m. diameter icosahedra dome of wood and glass (based on ideas of Eng. Buckminster Fuller) for acoustical and multiple purposes for the Red Autodidacta (R.A.) of the Fundación Educativa Pestalozzi, Quito, Ecuador.



Creative Writing teacher for the UNA

to presentUniversidad Autodidacta Pestalozzi.  Fundación Educativa Pestalozzi, Tumbaco, Ecuador.


1994 - June 1997:

Journalist for the Diario LA HORA. Quito, Ecuador.



Nov. 1994 - Feb. 1995:

Hired by the Hermann Lietz-Schule, Germany, to work as Spanish teacher, Educational Officer and crew member aboard the 47 meter/400 ton top-sail square-rigged schooner "Fridtjof Nansen"; project "High Seas High School".  Departed Wolgast, Germany, at the end of November towards Wilhelmshaven over the Baltic Sea to the North Sea.  Then, due to storms on the North Sea after leaving Wilhelmshaven on December the 3rd, sailed into Ems Haven, Holland; Isle of Wight (Cowes) and Portsmouth, England; Lisbon, Portugal.  Trip continued towards Tenerife, Canary Islands, across the Atlantic to Barbados, to Panama and through the Panama Canal (from Colón to Balboa).


Aug. 1992-1993:

Tourist Guide, Program Creator, Marketing and Communications; Latitud 0°, Travel/Tour Agency.  Quito, Ecuador.


March-April 1992:

Driver and Translator (From German/English into Spanish) during Education Tour of Mauricio Wild/Pestalozzi School.  Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Holland).


July 1991- February 1992:

Travel Agent; Green Travel Agency. Watsonville, California.


March. 1991-June 1991:

Part Time Tourist Guide and Driver; Latitud 0°, Travel/Tour Agency.  Quito, Ecuador.


October 1990 - February 1991:

Captain of 70' S/V "Pácata," (British Reg.Nº397561) and owner's representative for: Research for Ocean Resources.  Hired to prepare vessel for transpacific crossing (New Zealand-Ecuador).  Could not complete trip due to death of owner.  Auckland, New ZealandOpen Ocean.


January 1989 - November 1989:

First Mate aboard 70' S/V "Pácata."  South Pacific (Australia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji.)  Highlights: 8 Days inside Hurricane Harry; SCUBA Diving Course; Heavy Weather Sailing 2/3 of the time.


May 1988 - December 1988:

Construction foreman and overseer for a wooden log house.  Tumbaco, Ecuador.


22 February-25 March 1988:

Photographer for a Geological/Gold Survey Expedition into Virgin Jungle, Upper Amazon.  Helicopter entry; Chalupas Mine, Co.  Ecuador.


March 1987 - March 1988:

Delivery Driver, Storage Inventory, Data Entry Clerk.  Natural Beef Farms.

Chantilly, Virginia.


June 1985 - March 1987:

Various Jobs in Maryland and Virginia whilestudying: at Drug Fair (drugstore line), MD; Melting Pot (pizza restaurant), VA; Natural Beef Farms (farm section), VA.


October 1984 - February 1985:

Mate aboard 70' S/V "Kayelynne."  SouthPacific Crossing from Ecuador to Tahiti (Galápagos Islands, Marquesas Islands, Tuamoto Archipelago, Society IslandsTahiti).


April 1983 - June 1984:

Various jobs in Switzerland, among them:Carpenter Assistant, Caddy at the Lausanne Private Golf Club, Construction Worker, Log House Renovator, House Refurbishing Worker, Saw Mill Operator.


Jan.March 1983:

Advertisement Manager per contract for Monroe Shock Absorbers; ARTFEL.  Quito, Ecuador.


Before 1982:

Have carried out volunteer jobs for audiovisual presentations, among them: Cameraman Assistant during interviews at Explorer Oil Platform UXMAL in the Gulf of Guayaquil, Ecuador; Director Assistant for Audiovisual Documentaries done under contract with "Fundación Natura."