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Paradigm Shift Thrillers

Paradigm Shift Thrillers  are a new sub-genre within the thriller genre.


They are types of thriller where not only the main character will go through a character arc—that is, come to a realization that will change his or her view of the world and regain a new form of balance—but where also the reader will experience an arc in understanding about an aspect of the world that hasn't been reported to the system.


In a thriller, a social transgression usually leads to a finale where the victims can be many. The race to save ourselves is on. The Large Clock has started ticking. The ultimate imbalance is about to happen.


Or has already happened.


Yes, we are all victims of our paradigms. What we don't know can—and will—hurt us.


Our ignorance has turned us into the slaves of our own delusions, where ignorance isn't bliss, but a form of massive self-deception.


No, we are not safe.


No, the danger won't go away if we choose to ignore it.


Yes, you will experience a shift in perception. The world isn't as it seems. The map is not complete.


It never was.


Paradigm Shift Thrillers touch upon the large pillars that hold our world upright, or so we believe:

Politics, Banking, Money, Education, Health, and more. If you choose to read them, you will do so at your own risk.


Because, after all, you're a victim too, you just might not know it.

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