Sometimes authors must make difficult decisions to further their careers.

February 16, 2017

Pulled The Galapagos Agenda from the Publisher.



One of the hardest decisions I had to take was to pull The Galapagos Agenda from my Publisher.

Why would I do that?

Why, when so many people out there would kill to be commercially published?

Why, when it already was in ePrint (at Amazon) placed there my Suspense Publishing?

Let me tell you, it wasn't an easy decision. I knew, when I made up my mind to go ahead and ask for my ebook rights back, that it would set me back in my writing career for an indeterminate time.


The problem was that my agent and I had different ideas. Starting with the fact that it turned out we hadn't signed an "agency agreement" but a "literary management" contract.

At the time, I didn't know what the difference was. But when I saw that he wasn't doing the regular work I thought he should do as an agent, and asked him what his plans were in that regard, he said to me, "We didn't sign an agency agreement, we signed a management agreement."


I won't bore you with the technicalities of that here (I'll post it in another blog, for those who are really interested), suffice to say that one day I found out I didn't actually have an agent after all, and that my literary manager had other, more pressing Hollywood projects he needed to pursue.

No, we didn't part in bad terms. It's like one day realizing that the "driver" you hired to run Formula One races for you, turned out to be a semi-truck driver. Who can you blame?


That reality—being left without the agent you thought you had—led to the next step, which was my need to find an agent.

And pull Book 2 in my Paradigm Shift Thriller series from the publisher, as I needed an unpublished manuscript to pitch to potential agents during ThrillerFest 2016.

That, of course, didn't make my publishers happy, since they knew that if I did find an agent, they would not be able to compete in terms of offering advances and such—or even do print books—something agents are usually trying to get for their authors.

Nevertheless, I explained to them my quandary, and as they hadn't even started reading the recently delivered manuscript, the publication of Book 2 was put on hold.

2016's TF PitchFest came and went, with one clear message: Agents were reluctant to take on a series where the first book was already in print with a publisher. How could they sell the second?

And thus the need arose to ask—as per an existing clause in my contract with Suspense Publishing—for my rights to be returned at the anniversary contract date. (I did buy from them the rights to their awesome cover design, though.)


Now I have the full rights back, but the eBook was pulled off Amazon and is therefore currently unavailable.

What's the plan?

The million-dollar question.

I could make it available by self-publishing it, but it means dedicating time I currently don't have to do all that's required to make it truly worth it.

As I'm again planning on pitching to agents at ThrillerFest 2017 (this coming July), I will more than likely hold off on self-publication. Better to start off with a clean slate.

Book 2 is ready, Book 3 is a quarter of the way into its first draft, and I'm working on a different series, since now I will have time to finish Book 3 and the next installments without a tight deadline, and it's always good to have something else on the table.

And yes, I'm busy with other projects (on the film side: a documentary screenplay, and preparing a pitch for a series based on one of my backlist novels as requested by a producer), which means I have enough on my plate as it is.

Sometimes it is sowing season.

Harvesting will come when the time is right.


Oh, and I just signed a contract with one of my local publishers to republish El Caso de los Muertos de Risa, a murder mystery that has been out of print for a few years.

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Sometimes authors must make difficult decisions to further their careers.

February 16, 2017

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